Interested in joining? 

Depending on the season you are interested in (HS Racing, Jr. Devo, or Off-season training), sign-up will be a little different. Don’t worry… after you sign up for your first season, you’ll be on the mailing list and the next season will be far easier!

Junior Development Program Sign-Up

Fill out the form located at this page.

Or… if forms scare you… just contact Julie Ryburn at to get started. She’s Coach Ryburn’s wife, and is all-knowing! 

That’s it! Just note that the 4-month program is actually divided into two, so if you only want to do half (maybe you are not around for the summer months), that is fine. Fees for the development program can be found on our Devo Program page.

High School Racing Sign-Up

Signing up for the High School Racing team is a little more complicated because of the additional organizations involved, so we have made a “quick guide” to walk you through the process. Takes about 10 minutes. Click here to get started!

Off-Season Training Sign-Up

This is far more informal. Everything is fluid, and is handled directly with the coaches. Please contact Julie for more information. As 2017’s off-season gets closer, we will post details in this spot.